The Orange Monster Diver’s Watch from Seiko is a true classic. This is an automatic mechanical movement watch that is water resistant to 200 meters. It is big and bold and reliable and tough. Even though this dive watch has been around for awhile it is still one of the absolute best values on the market today for an automatic diver's watch.


Seiko Orange Monster SKX781 Divers WatchWhen you see and touch this watch you know it is solid and you either love or hate the orange dial face.

Based on all the positive reviews on the internet and the complimentary chatter in the watch forums about this watch, most people seem to love it.

This Seiko automatic watch has an automatic mechanical movement that is manufactured in house by Seiko. The case and the bracelet are made out of solid stainless steel (316L). There are no hollow links in the band.

The orange dial face is not just there for the “Wow” factor, that color has been determined to be the easiest to see underwater where this watch is truly at home.

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Seiko Orange Monster Review – SKX781



The SKX781 uses Seiko’s 7S26 automatic mechanical movement and it has 21 jewels to reduce the friction within the movement and increase its longevity.

The 7S26 automatic movement is also considered a reliable workhorse. While not as accurate as some top of the line automatic movements it is still known as an accurate and proven mechanical movement. It is also used in other Seiko Watches.

The mainspring is wound automatically by the motion of your arm while you are wearing it utilizing Seiko’s Magic Lever system.

The 7S26 is a very efficient automatic mechanical movement, just by wearing it 6 to 8 hours a day the mainspring should be kept near or at full capacity. The 7S26 movement has approximately a 36 to 40 hour reserve so you will not need to wear it 24/7 to keep it running.

The Orange Monster cannot be wound manually. This could be considered an annoyance but it does assist in preventing the possibility of water leaking in due to thread damage by manually winding this watch. By not providing a manual winding feature Seiko has eliminated this risk.

It is a non-hacking movement, meaning that when you adjust the time you cannot stop the second hand. It will be difficult to synchronize exactly to another watch. Being that it is a mechanical movement that does not matter too much anyway, unless you are a Navy Seal on a covert mission or a secret agent with a license to kill.

As with all mechanical movements they need to be worn and broken in for a month or even more before their true accuracy can be determined. It is not unusual for a new 7S26 movement to run a little fast.

After the movement has settled and is broken in you can expect to see accuracy in the 5 to 10 seconds per day range. Some have experienced better than that. If your SKX781 watch is still running faster or slower than you wish, a good jeweler can regulate the movement easily.

I just realized I have provided a fair amount of information about this excellent movement. I find it necessary as a mechanical movement is complicated and requires a certain craftsmanship to provide the aesthetics and tradition people desire from a mechanical movement.

It is also unusual to find such a competent and reliable mechanical movement in a watch of this price range. The 7S26 automatic mechanical movement in the Orange Monster is the real deal.


Water Resistance:

The SKX781 is a true diver’s watch. It is water resistant to 200 meters, 660 feet or 20 ATM (atmospheres).  Seiko has made sure that the Orange Monster meets or exceeds the ISO 6425 standards by utilizing case gaskets, a screw down case back and also a screw down crown. This is an excellent Seiko Dive Watch.

ISO 6425 are published standards and features that a watch must have to be called a true diver’s watch. For more information about the ISO 6425 standards you may want to read the article titled “What is a Dive Watch?” at Zeba Articles.

The Orange Monster can be safely used in all water sports up to and including scuba diving that does not require helium gas.


Case and Bezel:

The round case of the SKX781 is made of polished stainless steel. It is 42mm (not including the crown) in width and has a height of 13mm. With a weight of approximately 180 grams this is a moderately large and heavy watch. The positive return on this is a solid and durable case which allows a larger dial face which is very easy to read.

The case of this Seiko dive watch affectionately known as the Orange Monster, uses gaskets as well as a screw down case back and crown for a superior water resistance rating.

The polished stainless steel bezel is scalloped and slightly inward curving which helps protect the crystal. The bezel moves through its 120 clicks in one direction very smoothly. The first 15 minutes have bold hash marks for each minute. There is also a protected luminous tip on the "60" minute mark of the bezel.

The protected screw down crown is located at the 4 o’clock position which is a nice touch as it makes the large case more comfortable on your wrist.


Dial Crystal:

The crystal is made of Hardlex. This is Seiko’s proprietary hardened mineral crystal. It is very scratch resistant and more flexible to impacts than sapphire. It is not as scratch resistant as a sapphire crystal but is not as brittle as sapphire either.

The crystal is slightly domed which minimizes reflections and sits just below the bezel. This helps with avoiding impacts to the crystal that may cause scratches or worse.


Dial Face:

The dial face of the Seiko SKX781 is orange with a matching color chapter ring with traditional black hash marks for the minutes. The slightly curved chapter ring adds depth to the dial face and is an attractive touch.

Orange Monster SKX781 Dial Face Close-UpThis is a three hand watch (hours, minutes and seconds) and it displays the day and date at the 3 o’clock position. The day and date window shows on a white background with black letters and numerals.

Interestingly, Saturday (SAT) is displayed in blue letters and Sunday (SUN) is displayed in red letters.

The hour and minute hands are large for great visibility. All three hands are generously painted with LumiBrite which provides great luminosity for viewing the time quickly in the dark.  



LumiBrite is a Seiko development in luminous paint. It is completely harmless to humans and the environment and contains no radioactive substances as a lot of the older luminance paints did. LumiBrite absorbs the energy of light in a short period of time, as short as 10 minutes. 

It then stores this energy to emit light in the dark. As it emits the light that it stores the luminance level will decrease gradually during the time that the watch is in darkness. LumiBrite can store enough energy to emit light for 5 to 8 hours of visibility in the dark.

Because of the day-date indication window, there is no bright lume marker (LumiBrite) for the 3 o’clock area. Other than that, the Seiko SKX781 Orange Monster has some of the brightest luminosity of any watch that I have seen.


Band and Clasp:

The band is a solid brushed and polished stainless steel. The clasp is the foldover type with the double locking safety. The band also has an extension for diving which is great when you need the Orange Monster to fit over your wet suit. The band width is 20mm.

The SKX781 has a 20mm lug width and uses the fatter 2.5mm springbars. This watch also has drilled lugs which makes it much easier to change to a rubber band if you wish. If you do replace your watch band just make sure the replacement band will handle the 2.5mm solid springbars.



With the Orange Monster there really aren’t many. If you want to get down to it there could be a sapphire crystal and maybe it could weigh just a little less. Or maybe you would like to be able to synchronize this watch easier and to be able to manually wind the movement if you so desired. Maybe even just a tad more accurate would be a good thing for you. Well all of this is possible with an automatic movement diver’s watch. The problem is you would have to spend four or five times more than you would spend for this watch.

Final Thoughts:

The SKX781 Orange Monster offers incredible value for your money and provides you with a very reliable automatic mechanical movement. On top of this you also receive very nice features that are usually found it watches that cost a lot more, like the solid stainless steel band, larger springbars and drilled lugs.

The LumiBrite technology will provide you with a diver’s watch that can easily been seen in the dark. The day and date window, not just a date is a nice touch along with the chapter ring on the dial face. This is an affordable diver’s watch that can withstand most punishment any of us will usually dish out.

The Orange Monster has so many quality features that even a lot of true watch collectors, not just divers or sportsmen, insist on having this Seiko automatic watch in their collection. Maybe you should too.


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• A True Diver’s Watch
• LumiBrite Coatings on the Hands and Markers for Great Visibility in the Dark
• Reliable Seiko 7S26 Automatic Mechanical Movement
• Scratch Resistant and Domed Hardlex Mineral Crystal
• Water Resistant to 200 meters
• Solid Stainless Steel Case and Band
• Stainless Steel Unidirectional Ratcheting Bezel
• Case Gaskets – Stainless Steel Screw Down Case Back and Crown
• 36 to 40 Hour Power Reserve


The Orange Monster Diver’s Watch retails for $475.00. You can purchase the Seiko SKX781 today and receive a much better price.